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Have you decided you

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Our passion is environmental education and facilitating a sustainable lifestyle for people.  We have provided you with a judgment-free and information rich platform that will help you every step along the way to creating the sustainable life that's right for you.

Do you beat yourself up for not living the "perfect"


We know that no eco-journey is alike, and we're here to help you embrace and celebrate yours! Our membership will provide you with information and insights that span the sustainability spectrum to help you find what's right for you. From waste-free to grow your own to carbon neutral, we'll help you find your unique eco-path.

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Are you interested in having in-depth conversations about conscious living?

Creating a safe space for meaningful and non-judgmental dialogue is so needed right now, and that's what you'll get with your membership. You'll not only be learning from us but from everyone else in the community as we all share our experiences and knowledge.  You'll have access to a private member forum, recorded monthly calls, and an active community that is excited to support you!

Are you on eco-information overload and looking for recommendations you can trust?

We know there's so much information out there to sift through, so that's what we do for you! We're always testing out different eco products and practices, and we share our favorites with you so you don't have to waste your time with items that don't work.


Do you want to be part of a fun and supportive community?

If you're into everything from virtual happy hours to diving deep into why you may (or may not) choose to be vegan to laughing about your latest

eco-oopsie, then come have fun with us

because you'll fit right in!

What to Expect When You Join

As a Supporter:

If you join as a Supporter, first of all thank you! 

  • You'll get instant access to all past and upcoming podcast bonus episodes where our guests go deep in their area of expertise and share so many nuggets of wisdom. Some of these bonus episodes are like mini-courses while others are more of a private, deep dive where guests feel safe to share things they wouldn't on a public podcast.

  • You'll also receive monthly newsletters with exclusive content that people outside the membership don't receive.

As an Earthling:

If you join as an Earthling, a huge thank you, and we're so excited to get to know you!

  • You'll have access to everything available at the Supporter level.

  • You'll be in the know with Mother Daughter Earth happenings; we'll share who our upcoming podcast guests will be so you can send us your burning questions for a chance to be featured on the podcast, and you'll be the first to know of any new partnerships or product discounts. 

  • You'll have access to exclusive Mother Daughter Earth courses at no extra charge. We're always coming up with new content, and this section will be updated often. Here's a sampling of current and future courses that will be available:

    • How to Properly Care for Your Tropical Plants -- by Gina (mother)

    • Marianna's Four Years of Earth Science at Harvard Condensed Into What You Need to Know to Understand Climate Change -- by Marianna (daughter)

    • Your Garden as a Gateway to a Sustainable Life -- by Gina and Marianna

    • Insider Tips and Secrets on How to Evaluate Residential Solar System Proposals -- by Marianna

    • and much more!

  • You'll be an integral part of a genuine community that is excited to make connections, support one another, and learn from everyone's experiences. We have a private forum housed on our website (no need to go to Facebook to hang out) where you can ask questions, share discoveries, and chat about all things life. We'll have a few overarching categories to help organize conversations based on our members' interests, but this is a casual, safe space to connect with other like-minded people a build your own community. 

  • You'll be part of our monthly Zoom calls (or happy hours as some may call them) where we go deep into certain topics, address struggles or questions, and gain some practical knowledge. This is also a great way to know everyone in the community, and the calls will always be recorded in case you can't make it.

  • And of course, your horticulture expert/Harvard engineer, mother/daughter duo will always be available to help. From random plant questions to toxin-free cleaning tips to advice on what might be happening with your basil plant, our membership is our top priority and we're committed to supporting you!