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Read Drawdown and be informed

Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming by Paul Hawken is quite possibly the most important book we've ever read. Yes, that's a big statement, but it's true! The amount of research and knowledge that the book contains is life-changing, and we tell everyone we can to put it at the top of their reading list.

Project Drawdown is a group of scientists, researchers, and policymakers who got together to develop the first comprehensive blueprint ever developed to reverse global warming. The key word in that sentence is "reverse," and this is what makes Drawdown's research so innovative and impactful. Slowing down global warming isn't enough; we have to reverse it. If you're on the wrong road, it doesn’t matter if you slow down or not because you're still heading in the wrong direction. Project Drawdown gives a sense of possibility and hope for the future by providing scientifically based, practical, and trusted solutions to reach the lofty goal of “stopping global warming and reversing climate change.”

One of the aspects of this book that we appreciate is that it tries to stay away from the gloom and doom side of this important topic. Instead, it focuses on the opportunities and possibilities for the future and what we can do to change. Habits won't change if we don't care, and we can't care about something we don't know anything about. So, get your hands on this amazing book and start learning about the leading contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and what changes we can make to reverse global warming!

We've been hearing a lot of reports recently about NASA and its huge accomplishments more than 50 years ago when it first sent men into space and then on to the moon. It took a tremendous amount of talent, engineering, and work by a massive amount of people to reach the goal of putting a man on the moon. That's what the world needs now. A huge amount of our world’s population needs to come together to implement the roadmap that Drawdown has given us to reverse global warming. Just like we were able to do what seemed like the impossible 50 years ago, we're optimistic that as a society we'll be able to accomplish what sometimes seems like an impossibility today: save the planet.


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