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Drink clean water with Brita… and then recycle the filter!

Anything that lets us say no to single-use water bottles is welcomed by us, and Brita filters are no exception! To be honest, we’re okay drinking tap water, and we would 100% drink out of the faucet (or even a garden hose!) before purchasing a plastic water bottle. However, city water sometimes tastes and smells like chlorine, so a little help from an additional filter doesn’t hurt!

According to Brita, drinking filtered water will reduce the number of disposable water bottles that end up in landfills and oceans. For example, one Brita® filter eliminates 300 standard 16.9 oz. bottles.

Although Brita has several different products and each filters different elements from the water, they all filter out Chlorine. Other contaminants that are removed by their filters are: lead, mercury, particulates, asbestos, copper, zinc, etc.

Some people say “all good things must come to an end,” and unfortunately Brita filter cartridges are no exception. They all have expiration dates, so you need to switch them out periodically. One day we went to switch out the filter cartridge and wondered if it was possible to recycle them. Oh how we love Google! We were introduced to Brita’s recycling program through their partnership with TerraCycle, and we were super excited! Eliminate plastic water bottles through water filtering and then recycle the filter cartridge as well… definitely a green lifestyle win-win!

We’d like to say that we’re talking about Brita because that’s the brand we use, but we’re sure there are plenty of other filtering systems out there that do the same thing. Having said that, a huge added bonus for us in choosing Brita is being able to recycle their filter cartridges. The important thing is that you choose what works for you so you can keep saying no to those plastic water bottles!


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