Here are some helpful resources.

Garden to Table e-book

We've put together some of our most popular tips to grow and cook your own veggies. From detailed instructions and pictures on how to build your own veggie beds, to our favorite crops to grow, to a sneak peek into our family recipe box, this free e-book is filled with garden to table goodies!


Great resource for preserving native plant habitats, restoring indigenous flora to developed areas, and finding your local Native Plant Society chapter.


TerraCycle offers recycling platforms that allow you to recycle pretty much anything! They're a great place to go for your hard-to-recycle waste. 

Happy Eco News

Our favorite source for positive and uplifting environmental news stories. Make sure to sign up for their weekly newsletter to start your week with eco-positivity.

North Haven Gardens

Our favorite Independent Garden Center in Dallas! Even if you don't live in the area, click on the link to access their awesome, downloadable project guides and handouts.