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Our mission is to facilitate your sustainable lifestyle.  


Gina Woods

I love to teach people about the fascinating and wonderful world of plants! I first became interested in gardening when I moved to a ranch in Mexico in 1987. I was captivated by orchids and wanted to have a career even though job opportunities were limited for an American in rural Mexico who could not speak the language.


In 1991, I built two orchid shade houses and became the first commercial, cut-flower dendrobium orchid producer in Mexico. Over the next 19 years, I expanded my business and passion into several new realms: production of Aechmea Bromeliads and of various field-grown cut flowers, commercial and residential plant rentals, event planning, and also opened a retail store in Tampico, Mexico. 


Because of security concerns in Mexico, I returned to Dallas in the spring of 2010 and founded a new company, Tropical Essence, LLC, which specializes in exotic, tropical plants. In 2013, I co-founded Yardspell, LLC, which specializes in water-wise landscaping including native and adapted plants, and provides personal and commercial gardening services -- everything from design to planting to teaching the owners how to care for their wonderful new yards and gardens. 


Marianna Archibald

I’m passionate about anything and everything related to environmental sustainability! I first became aware of this passion during my AP Environmental Science in high school but later realized that my love for the environment began when I was a little girl growing up on a ranch in rural Mexico.


I went on to graduate Cum Laude from Harvard with a degree in Environmental Engineering and a minor in Earth and Planetary Sciences (I just couldn’t get enough Earth stuff!), and I love sharing my scientific knowledge in a relatable and easy to understand way.


I’ve dedicated my career to this field and have had several project management roles ranging from overseeing a $100,000 government grant in Sydney, Australia focused on studying the Urban Heat Island Effect to being the Sustainability Manager for an architecture and construction firm to designing and selling residential and commercial solar systems.


The Earth is magnificent and full of magic! I’m excited to see where my path leads, but I know it will always be driven by the purpose of sharing my environmental message and helping others learn to care for our planet.

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