Look to the future with optimism

The environmental challenges we're facing can be discouraging and overwhelming. What can we do and where do we start? We won't beat around the bush: the health of our planet is in danger, and we're faced with a serious climate and environmental crisis. However, we believe that a vital part of the solution is to look to the future with optimism and start taking steps to live more consciously and support the industrial and technological advances that are being developed to help reverse global warming.

We talked about one of our favorite books, Drawdown on Day #20, and we reference it often. It asserts that a blueprint to combat climate change “already exists in the world in the form of humanity's collective wisdom, made manifest in applied, hands-on practices and technologies that are commonly available, economically viable, and scientifically valid.” At the beginning of the book Dr. Jonathan Foley writes, “Drawdown has helped restore my faith in the future, and in the capacity of human beings to solve incredible challenges. We have all the tools we need to combat climate change... and we now have a plan showing us how to use them.”

We understand when Dr. Foley says that “the climate change narrative has become a doom and gloom story, causing people to experience denial, anger, or resignation.” That is one of the main reasons we decided to launch Mother Daughter Earth.

We are so passionate about the environment, and we want to be part of changing the climate crisis narrative to a positive, inspired, and hopeful one.

When we were at the The State Fair of Texas the other day, we saw the Toyota car of the future. It is just one small and simple example of how people are trying to make positive changes for our future. As Paul Hawken said, “this is not a liberal agenda nor is it a conservative one. This is the human agenda.” We have already made many advances to reverse global warming but there is so much more to do, and we truly believe that human beings are capable of tackling any hurdle we set our minds to, regardless of how daunting it may seem.

So let's do what us humans do best: start conquering our generation's impossible with limitless confidence, strength, and optimism.

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